Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flower's friend party

Our friends own the Reel theaters. They gave us a great deal to have Flower's birthday party there! It was quite wonderful. She could invite as many people as she wanted and we didn't have a mess to clean up. She invited her class at school as well as friends from church, family friends, and family. We all had a great time!

She opened all her gifts in the lobby.

Back row-Kassidee, Sydney, Pearl, Hariette, Georgia, Madelaine
Middle row-River, Julie, Tristan, Quinn, Flower, Maizy, Keirsten, Lily, Allie, Claire, Allison
Front row-Nevaeh, Mia, Tia, Lucas
Not pictured-Sandee, KG, Angee, Lorena, Jade, Spencer,Corina

Each person got a popcorn and soda.
Then it was movie time, The Nut Job!

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