Friday, April 18, 2014

Happy 9th Birthday, Flower!

Flower is 9!!!  The morning of her birthday, April 18th, she requested Mac-and-cheese and chocolate milk for breakfast. River and I went out to prepare it and get her gifts and balloons together. We then proceeded to carry it on a tray to our bedroom. Just before our closed door, River stand in front of me with the balloons, we started singing and it went something like this as she pushed the door open, "happy birthday to you, happy bir...oh shit!"  One of River's balloons hit the top of the door trim and came crashing down on my tray, knocking the milk into the mac and cheese and creating huge laughs. Hahaha.  Well we won't ever forget it. You can see the spilled milk on her tray. :)
She then open her gifts.  A shirt from Tammy, exactly what Flower wanted! "Being 9 is magical"
And one for River that said, "sister's are worth melting for"  Thank you Tammy!
River painted her this lovely mermaid.
We gave her a spirograph. I loved these when I was a kid!
She finally got her rainbow loom!
River wrote Flower's name on her card. More on that in the next blog post.
Flower is such an amazing sister, friend, and daughter. She is creative and artistic. She likes to doodle, play the piano, sing, and dance. We sure love her!

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