Friday, June 20, 2014

Family vaca, day 2::Silverwood and Aimee!

Friday we spent the entire day at Silverwood! We loved it. It's such a beautiful area.
Here we are going through the underground tunnel to get to the park.

I love watching their faces on the rides!


Comparing our brown eyes. Mine light, Flower medium, River dark.

It's also River's very nervous face for the next face.

The girls bought some souvenirs.

Glasses and roller coasters don't always mix. Both Flower and I ended up with bruised ears from the rough roller coaster slamming our head against the seat, pinching our ears between the ear piece of the glasses and the seat.  Ouch!

We took a break to watch an excellent magic show and enjoying some delicious pizza!

We then took a train ride around the property.

There was a stick up!

After our first day at Silverwood we met Aimee and family for dinner and fun!  We ate at Moon Time and then played outside before going to Shenanigan's. Our men were such good sports with those kids!

Thanks for taking time to meet up with us Aimee and family! 

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