Saturday, June 21, 2014

Family vaca, day 3::Boulder Beach and River's ears pierced

Saturday we went back to Silverwood. We did some of the rides we loves from the day before before heading to Boulder Beach water park side all day.


Cute fish tails for the water park!


KG(the splash on the right, not in the guy in the middle)




Trying to get warm while in line for a slide.

Taking a break for some food and fun drinks.
Long lines mean take goofy photos.
After a really fun day we went in search of a mall because we had a surprise for River...
We were going to let her get her ears pierced on our vacation! She was so excited and cool as a cucumber, hardly acting scared, until that first one went in and then she still tried to be brave until the second one went in and then she broke down. Poor girl. But she recovered quickly and excitement came back. As a side note, she and Flower handle stuff totally opposite. When Flower got hers pierced, she cried sitting in the chair and kept changing her mind, until that first one went in and then she was fine. :)

Here's the face of shock.
She's trying to be brave.

And then she finally looses it. :) 

But now she loves them!

After that we went across the way to enjoy pedicures together. After being on our feet for 3 days at Silverwood and Boulder Beach, this was very welcome!

The girls got their fingernails painted as well.
Left, going clockwise:  KG, River, Flower, Angee
We had a wonderful day!

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