Tuesday, February 28, 2012

leap day date

We got engaged on leap day in 2000. I decided to surprise KG and the girls and recreate some of my favorite things from our dating years. We used to make homemade fries all the time while dating. We played speed everyday when we first met. We'd talk and talk and laugh and laugh while we played. We played and each won a game and then we taught the girls how to play. We played regular and california. The first night we hung out we realized we both loved cheese cake. Cheese cake helped me show him how I felt about him. After we enjoyed the cheese cake we danced to our song. A dance that brought back the intense feeling I had way back then when he held me that I knew he could be trusted more than anyone I'd ever met. Gosh I love him. The girls also joined in and it was everything I wanted the day to be!

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