Saturday, February 11, 2012


whitney houston died while we were on our trip. the night before the grammy's. it was strange. knowing this would be part of history. i love whitney. her music brings back memories of all kinds. there's one i want to note. i was 12 years old. i was in my room and all of a sudden i heard my mom sobbing. this was out of the ordinary so i waited and listened. after a time my parents told us that my grandpa, mom's dad, passed away. that was my first experience with death. i didn't quite know how to handle it. i think i was more sad to see my mom so distraught. she was so broken hearted that she wasn't by his side as he lived in idaho falls and we lived in boise.
my brother and i shared a room. we always listened to music. we had whitney's tape. it was playing that night. 'didn't we almost have it all' was playing and i lied there and listened, tears streaming down my face. for some reason that song reminded me of my grandparents. that song helped me grieve. i listened to that song and album every night for a long time. when i needed to cry i'd turn it on. to this day it makes me think of them. i love the power of music.
i wonder if my little brother has that memory. that tape still reminds me of him and sharing a room.

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Amanda said...

He Does! When we were talking about Whitney Houston dying he told me that same story! It's neat that you guys share that memory!

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