Saturday, April 7, 2012

adelle chapman madison

my grandma passed away in april. it was such a celebration. she had been wanting to be with my grandpa since 1997. what a joyous reunion that must have been! on our way to the funeral i decided to stop and get some photos of the girls in their easter dresses.

love this one!

sandee and the kids went with us so we snapped some of their cute family as well.
i like this one.
i love this one!

finally at the funeral. it was so nice to see cousins i hadn't seen in quite some time. i loved looking at these posters of the families and frames that my grandma had in her home of photos from years past.

my sweet grandma looked nothing like i thought she would. this is first funeral i've been to that the person didn't look the same.

river provided great comic relief and sweet moments throughout the day.
(sandee's photo. that is my sweet cousin david in the background. he was the first grandchild.)
shortly after the above photo she went to sandee and said, "i need to borrow your camera to take a picture of her spirit." this is the photo she took which turns out to be my favorite one of grandma. love it from her view.

those were definitely her hands though! they hadn't changed a bit. so pretty.

the great grandchildren sang in the funeral. it was the first time in the services that i cried. it was the sweetest moment. i was told by many that the only one that could be heard was river. spencer and kassidee got really emotional and it was just a sweet moment. after it was over, river was one of the last to leave the pulpit area and she loudly asks the congregation, "was that a good singin'?". people started cracking up. :-D
(these photos were taken during the practice, not the actual funeral)

my handsome uncle and dad.
my cousins and brothers.

the procession was probably the most emotional part for me. i didn't expect that. the funeral was in nampa and it took an hour to get to the grave. seeing everyone following grandma and totally unified just felt so good. we cranked 'we are young' by fun. and sang it as loud as we could and played it over and over. it was a cool experience.
my mom and dad in the white car.
seeing people pull over and solute us as we passed was heart warming. one man took off his hat and put it to his chest.

love this shot. all those people in a line for grandma.

my brother gave the dedicatory prayer. he was emotional so throughout the entire prayer river kept asking, "why he doing that?" it was so hard not to laugh. then as soon as he said amen, and while it was still totally silent, river looked at him and said, "talk normal". all those around laughed.

my nephews. the one on the right, royal, arrived at the viewing and was a bit overwhelmed when he saw great grandma. he turned around to look for someone he trusted and i was right there. he wrapped his arms around my waste and just sobbed. it was such a tender moment for me. that one got me crying too.

in a solemn moment of lowering her casket river says, "will she bump her head down there?" even the grave workers laughed at that one.

as soon as we got back in the car to head back to nampa for the luncheon, the girls crashed.
this is my absolute favorite photo of my grandparents. i wish i had a larger copy! i love their glasses!
it was a long day but a wonderful one. enjoy yourself grandma!

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