Sunday, April 8, 2012


easter was very anticlimactic this year. i did all my preparations the night before. the plan was to go to church in their new easter dresses, stop and get some photos, and then go to my brother's for dinner, dessert and an egg hunt, just like every year. i was tasked with bringing dessert so i made a raspberry/banana torte.
it looked delicious
i also made rice krispie treats.
after getting the girls to bed i got their buckets ready.
silly putty
chocolate bunny from lee's.
bubble wand
bubble bath
jelly beans from lee's
purple grass
and we were set!
at midnight i was awakened by river vomiting all over me, then again on the bed as i pushed her away from me. i spent the next 7.5 hours being lurched awake by her gagging. I'd grab the bowl and shove it her face with the hopes of not having to change the sheets a third time(as i had not been successful twice already.) KG got home from work at 7:30 am so then i had some help but i was so exhausted! poor flower woke up about 8:30 and came in our room. i unceremoniously told her she could find her easter bucket and then she proceeded to watch tv by herself in the living room. i could not stay awake and continued to be on vomit bowl duty. finally at 2:30 i called my sister to say we wouldn't make it but could she please come pick up the dessert and flower so that flower can at least have a little fun on this pathetic day. i felt so bad thinking about her in there all by herself on a holiday. sandee agreed and we sent her off for some fun and i went back to bed and vomit duty. our fun didn't end till almost midnight. in a 24 hour period, river puked her guts out 15 times! that is a record for this little family.
flower has only thrown up two times in her seven years of life. once on a table at wendy's, making the guy next to us drop his burger and throw in the trash everything he had remaining. i sat and laughed while KG cleaned up the mess. :) the next time was at home and she graciously made it into the toilet.
river has had her times before and struggled with reflux a bit but somehow managed to hold it in her mouth until she made it to a trash can. always amazed me!
shortly after flower returned home, around 9 pm, river had a moment of feeling well enough to check out her bucket. unfortunately in her weak state she couldn't put the lid back on the bubbles before returning it to her bucket and ruined everything in her bucket as it was covered in bubble soap. :( she sadly returned to bed and the cycle continued.
anyway, easter was a fail but i was grateful for sandee and from what i understand, my desserts were a huge hit!
-as a side note, i was really grateful that my girls had to wear their easter dresses the day before and i had the forethought to take their photos that day. so at least it wasn't a total loss! :)

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