Friday, November 23, 2012

breakfast with santa!

we had planned way in advance to take the girls to the festival of trees the day after thanksgiving, early in the morning to have breakfast with santa. i was so sad to be sick this particular week because we had tons of fun things planned! i couldn't bare to miss this. it was already paid for and we had talked about it with the girls. unfortunately kg and river had come down with the crud the night before, after getting home from thanksgiving with his family, so we were a real lively bunch.
my friend sara did this tree with her job!
they were excited to see santa!
he gave them each a bell.
while we waited for our food they played with some things that were left at the table for each child.
frosty the snowman even made an appearance.

after breakfast, which was nasty, the girls got to go on stage for a performance by a magician and then santa.  they had a ball and laughed and really enjoyed it!

while waiting in line to see santa we had to sit down on the floor and got plenty of stares.  our energy was just so low, we felt awful.
i had great intentions of getting the girls in their christmas dresses again and curling their hair....and then illness happened.  i'm just grateful they're cute and could get away with wearing a paper bag and still look adorable!  i was so grateful that somehow we were number 4 to see santa so our wait wasn't long.

we were done by 9 and the plan, that we had been looking forward to all month, was to look at all the trees after seeing santa and then participate in the emtpy bowls campaign at 11:00.  however, we felt like crap and high tailed it home, got in bed and didn't surface again until tuesday morning. yay. :(

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