Tuesday, November 20, 2012

cirque dreams holidaze...happy birthday river!

cirque dream holidaze happened to fall on river's birthday this year and i knew the girls would love it!  however, i didn't want to spend that much money on tickets($200 on tickets and fees), so i waited to see if i could get a deal.  i was thrilled the morning of 11/11 to wake up to an email that in honor of 11/11, tickets were $11!  i bought them right away.  of course they were for the seats in the very back but luckily in that place, there's not a bad seat.
i went home early from work that day not feeling well and by that night i felt like crud.  sore throat, no voice, fever.  i barely made it through the show and kept contemplating going out to lay in the foyer.  that started of a week of feeling terrible and a month before i was back to normal with the crud out of my lungs.
anyway, i decided to let the girls get really fancy and wear their christmas dresses early. they had each picked a sweater and shoes to go along with their dress and were excited to finally wear those, too. they loved it!  i put make-up on them and they felt so pretty.  river's only complain was that her shoes hurt, which is a bummer because they are so cute!
the show was excellent and i'm so happy that we went!

when we got home we dug into her cupcakes.  i was thrilled to finally find a yummy gluten free cupcake.  i can finally enjoy cake with the fam.

happy birthday kiddo!

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