Friday, November 30, 2012

disney on ice

at work i earned a night at disney on ice! i was so excited to surprise the girls.  flower wanted to wear her christmas dress again and river wanted a tutu.

they saw all the goods and started begging but everything was so ridiculously expensive!  then they saw the food and wanted a treat.  we let them each get a cup because it came with an icee and that would be their treat for the whole show!  two in one...done!

the show was amazing.  i have never been interested in disney on ice before because i thought it would be boring but i was so wrong.  even kg enjoyed the show.  we had excellent seats right in the front row of the upper section(with only three rows in the bottom) so pretty much front row!  it was so entertaining!  they acted out 3 different disney movies.  cinderella, princess and the frog and tangled.


thanks so much, lynnette! we had a wonderful time!

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