Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to school night at Melting Pot and photo shoot

there was a groupon for half off at melting pot so we new that was the perfect thing for back to school night!  on monday the 26th we had nice family night.  we talked about school, friends, goals, desires and enjoyed yummy food!  we have banned the terms 'frenemies' and 'breaking up'.  we got so tired last year about hearing flower talk about her frenemies(she's my friend but my worst enemy) or saying she got in a fight with her friend and they 'broke up' only to be best friends again the next day.  so we had a long talk about just being nice and if you don't get along with someone, find someone else to play with that day knowing all will be well the next day.  cut the drama all ready! :/  if your friends are being mean, find the person that is alone and be their friend.  anyway, it was a good night. 

and we found river's missing shirt!  kg found it stuck behind the drawer!  so photo shoot take 2!

sweet girls...most of the time. :)  when we got home kg gave the girls 'father's blessings' and to bed they went.  i pray they have a good year and have good, fun friends!

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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