Friday, August 23, 2013

back to school photo shoot

the girls and i went out on august 23rd and did a photo shoot with their new school clothes. we had a blast!
this first outfit was frustrating because for the life of me, we couldn't find river's shirt like the one flower is wearing!  so we will takes pictures again when we find that dang shirt!
anyhow, flower looks adorable and river just kept the dress on that she wore that day because she didn't want to be left out!
outfit #1

outfit #2

outfit #3!  these are the ones they went shopping for and pick out themselves.  the others were found online.  i love them.  i want river's green jeans!

outfit #4

i drug us through goat head hell!  but we got cute shots.
i love taking photos of the girls.  i never tell them what to do.  they just have fun and i snap away. 
here's to another school year!

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