Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Flower's first day of 3rd grade!

august 27th was the big day.  she wore her favorite outfit, had a new bag and new lunch box that I love because I can write her love notes on the chalkboard inside.

river wanted to wear her favorite back to school outfit, too.  i love both of their choices.  i want river's pants!

we went in search of flower's class.  river brought her own camera and was being so funny as she took photos!

flower's desk!
flower's teacher!

we found tristan!  we are so excited that tristan is going to school with flower and learning chinese! good luck in kindergarten.
i just love these two.  i'm so glad they love each other.  river was more than sad that her school wasn't starting yet.  it was a long day waiting for flower to get home.
we went and got a shaved ice after school and this was our gorgeous view on the way home!  love the sun rays.

she had a great first day!

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