Thursday, September 15, 2011

fangamu sealing

on September 15, we had the honor of attending the fangamu sealing in the twin falls temple. we road there with the schick's and the mullin's. we had so much fun in the car there and back! we talked about what color our personalities are and that made us all want to take the test. we all took the test together and laughed at everyone's answers. it was really fun. then we read all the results. it's so interesting. one of the funniest car rides i've taken.
and jeremy(driving) and me in the rear view mirror
i love this temple
the sealing was lovely. jerry translated the entire thing into french for them. such a neat experience. i'm so happy for this sweet family!

we went with such a fun group of people!

bishop stephen's.
he is such a wonderful man. he has done so much to help me and so many others in the ward. i feel like he really understands. i have also been the recipient of some amazing priesthood blessings. we had a wonderful bishopric.

the whole gang!

after that we all went to johnny carino's for dinner before heading back to boise. we were treated so generously by the bishop.
i am so grateful for this experience!
I wish i had the words to tell you the fangamu's story. it's truly inspiring. but i don't want to mess it up and i won't do it justice. a book is being written about them and i will share that as soon as it's done.

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