Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

we spent the weekend at the cabin with monkey and the boys.
i've wanted to get photos of this truck for awhile so i finally did it. it's been on the property for many years.

look how filthy those girls are! they played hard and had so much fun with the boys!

i was fascinated with these bug chewed leaves.

such a beautiful dragon fly.

i kept trying to get closer and closer without spooking it.

on our way home we made our traditional stop in idaho city. we weren't expecting to see donna's place rebuilt already. it burned last summer. it's a beautiful place now! they swapped spots with the grocery store and it's a much better layout.

the grocery store used to be in the front with the restaurant in back. you had to order and pay for your food in the grocery section side and the seating was limited in the dining room. now it's a huge restaurant with plenty of seating!
it was a wonderful trip as usual!

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