Friday, September 30, 2011

september photo dump

9.1-the girls had so much fun sleeping in a tent in the living room throughout the summer.

love seeing my family sleep. :)

on one of our friday afternoon family dates we went to gandolfo's in bodo. i love that old building and art work.

9.3-sandee and her kids went bowling with kg and the girls.
heather made this adorable cake for her daughter's birthday! so stinkin' cute!

9.6-the girls pick out what they want in their lunch. yum!

9.6-i love playing words with friends! so happy to get a word over 100 points!

9.7-more yummy lunch

9.9-carol is the best! i want someone to walk me in a wagon while i sleep!

9.14-we met the madsen's and the goodsell's at fujiyama for dinner.

9.17-the girls and i went to shopko. river started throwing a fit about wanting to push the cart and the girls started fighting so we turned around and left. i gave them a talk outside and said we'd wait outside until they felt they could behave. river looked at me and said, "i need some time" and walked away and sat on the other side of this pillar by the other entrance so we wouldn't be able to see her. people coming out the other door would see her and stop, wondering where here family was and then smile when they saw us watching her. i eventually sneaked up and got a photo before she saw me. she's so cute!
9.20-I love appreciative people. I worked my butt off for this tenant so it's nice that it didn't go unnoticed. thanks joyce! :)

9.21-dancing to the tv.

9.22-goodsell's gave us their tag-along! we are loving it! it's so nice to be able to go a decent speed and not to worry about river on the longer rides. kg/river take the lead, flower rides in the middle and bring up the rear, making sure river and flower are ok.

9.22-cousin tommy came to town with his wife and adorable son!

9.23-family bike ride.

9.23-we went to the highly talked about ling and louie's. it was delicious!

mmm, the creperie

i love watching someone's mouth when they are feeding a bite of food to a child! :)
apparently river didn't think it was so yummy. :)
river likes to dry her hair under the hand dryers in restrooms.

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