Wednesday, September 7, 2011

morning bike ride

after we take flower to school we still have an hour before i work and before i take river to carols. one morning we went on a bike ride. i was just gifted my mom's bike from my parents. she can no longer ride it due to her imbalance caused by the parkinson's. i am so grateful they gave it to me! kg got a bike at our ward's saturday market, flower got her bike from kassidee, and river got a bike from walter! i am so grateful for people's generosity. we bought each of us a helmet and spent so much time riding in august and september. i've loved this family time.
kg was taking my bike for spin. isn't it cute?! i love it.

mmm, watermelon...and a bike ride. good morning.

i'm pretty sure this assured that we had a wonderful day!

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