Saturday, March 31, 2012

spring break::day 9-cannon beach-portland-home

march 31st was our final day. we slept in and then got to work getting packed and doing laundry. eventually we set out for tillamook. however, once we passed cannon beach we turned around and decided to bag tillamook. we got some breakfast at a charming little place in cannon beach. the food was yummy and the service was great.

from there we continued on to portland. as soon as we arrived we went to our favorite doughnut shop. we got them for the ride home. it doesn't matter what time we've gone during the day or night, there is always a line wrapping outside and the wait is no less than an hour. they are that good.

after that we hit up ikea. usually the girls go with us and have tons of fun running through all the rooms and trying everything out. this time kg and i wanted to hang out alone so we waited in the line to put them in the play center. it was nice for both of us i think. :) we got what we came for and then went to dinner. flower requested chinese so we stumbled upon this delicious chinese restaurant. it was packed! it wasn't until we were leaving that we found out it had recently been rated the best chinese in oregon and 35th in the nation! it was seriously good.

everything we had was amazing!
last photos of us on the trip.

finally we were on the road for home. the girls did great and slept most of the way since we drove all night and pulled into boise really early sunday morning. it was such a wonderful trip and i'm grateful for these times with my family.

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