Saturday, December 1, 2012

company party at big al's

lynnette treated us to a night at big al's for our company holiday party. it was our first time and we loved it. it was definitely loud and had lots to offer. the tv screens over the bowling alley's were gigantic! when everyone arrived we ate a surprisingly good mexican spread. i was impressed. then we all bowled.
i love all the shoes lined up when we were done.
after bowling everyone went there separate ways. we took the girls upstairs to use the big al's cards we were each given. the girls did so well and ended up with 800 tickets! flower was the big scorer by getting 500 on one game!!! river's high count was 160 on one game! we had a great time and the girls walked out with some fun loot.
river chose the stuff in the photo with the penguin.
flower chose the stuff in the photo with the smiley face ball. :)

i work with some wonderful people and have such great opportunities at my job!  i'm so very grateful for my job and that i get along with everyone that i work with and have a great boss!  
thank you so much, lynnette, for a great year and everything you've done for my family!

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