Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday-February 26th-New Sofa!

Monday was uneventful. We both have been wanting to get back to the gym since we got home from China but apparently not enough to go alone. We are also not ready to leave her with a babysitter or stick her in the daycare there. We had a great plan that for Family Home Evening we would all three go to the Y. KG would swim with Flower while I worked out and then we'd trade and then, if there was a racquetball room available, we'd take it and roll a ball around and just run around with her. All good intentions. We have also been considering getting a new sofa. We have had ours for seven years, its hurting both our backs, it's not really our style anymore and we just want something fun and new. A year ago while in Utah for our anniversary we both fell in love with a sofa at Z Gallery. Neither of us has forgotten it and we love it for several reasons. The color is very neutral so it will go with any decor for years to come. You can completely change the look just by putting a new color of throw pillows. (huge plus since I have a love affair with decorative pillows) All the fun pillows, available at almost every store I go into, look horrible on our current sofa. they taunt me at every turn! The cushions are also deep! KG and I can both lay on it next to each other and watch a movie. The downside. It's expensive and it's in Utah. We'd have to pay to have it shipped. Well, we were in Macy's the week before we were waiting to leave for China and found a similar sofa but better! It's the same price though. :( I was sad until I got into a conversation with one of my tenants who works there and was planning to buy a sofa. I told him I fell in love with one there and he said, 'well, if you give me the money, I'll buy it for you and you'll get my 30% discount.' NO WAY! That will be a $900 savings! We were thrilled. We love this one more because it comes in 5 modules so it can be arranged however you want. If we move and our room is shaped different it is easily switched to face the other direction. Not common with a sectional such as the one we have now. It can also be arranged to form a bed for guests. One of the reasons we have wanted to keep the one we have is because of the sleeper. We decided we'd wait to see what our tax return would look like and go from there. Well, we decided to go yesterday and do all the measurements and such. We are excited. Yes, we could use that money to pay more of our adoption dept down but we are paying a substantial amount and have been handling our money really wisely and are comfortable with the time line we've set forth to have it paid off. We had to go to Macy's first because they close at 8 pm and KG didn't get up till 6:30 and we didn't leave till 7:15. So...we still love it, wrote down all the numbers, and then came home to get ready for the Y and realized it's now after 8 and the kiddie pool closes at 8! Grrr. We forgot. We still went though and I'm proud of us for working it in. KG left while I bathed Flower and made us dinner. Then he came home finished getting her in bed and I went to the Y until they closed at 10. Although not as fun alone, it worked out great. I also discovered I've lost 8 pounds, according to KG, since the 7th of January. :) Yay!

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