Saturday, February 3, 2007

SATURDAY-DAY 17-February 3

Today, since it was our last in China, we spent the day enjoying the outdoors and having fun together! We woke up about 9:30 and lied around until 10:00 and then got ready to go to breakfast. After that we took some photos by the fountain and fish. We then went for a walk outside. There's a playground not far from our hotel. They have a ton of cute statues of children surrounding the playground. We got some cute photos and then let Flower play. She went down the slide and liked it but didn't ask to do it again. We also found a few more fun things to buy. :)We found two great little dresses for Flower. I'm not sure why we hadn't seen them before but I'm already sick of all the pink and I found one green dress and one orange one so I had to have them. Perhaps we'll save one to use as her Easter dress. We found a lot of really cute fun little things to give Flower throughout her life for different events. We'll keep them in a box and have them on hand for special times. After a few hours Flower was falling asleep on daddy's shoulders so we headed for the deli and took lunch to go. After we ate, on the bed, we cleared it and all laid down and watched The Ant Bully and took a nap together. Earlier that morning as I was getting ready, or rather, just standing by the sink, I was doubled over with a pain in my ribs. Now it feels as though I've pulled something. After I woke up from the nap the pain was even worse and since they were both still asleep, I took a long hot bath and read. Unfortunately it didn't help all that much but by the time I got out they were awake. We got dressed and went out for another walk. We then went to the hotel buffet for dinner. The selection wasn't as good as I'd hoped for the price. The food we had was good but almost everything was seafood which we're not huge fans of. We all found enough to get full though and came back to the room to pack, although as I write this KG is watching a movie and Flower is wandering around so we're not being very productive. Flower is definitely still a daddy's girl but we have our sweet moments and love them when they come. Frankly I'm not sure I mind how things are right now, especially with this long flight approaching. Just the two hour flight to Guangzhou made me happy she wanted him more! Let's just say I got reading time in and he didn't. ;) There's been a couple times though that I don't think I noted. In the mornings she will let me do her hair. She has the hardest head of any kid I know. Its great she doesn't ever cry when doing her hair. The other day I was holding her and I said, 'I love my Flower' and she leaned over and gave me the biggest kiss in response. Then yesterday as I was putting her in her crib for a nap I whispered, 'I love you' and she whispered it right back. She still won't cuddle with me like she does KG but this afternoon while I was still in the bath she picked up my green sweatshirt and said, 'where's mommy?'. KG pointed toward the bathroom and when i got out she was walking around rubbing my sweatshirt on her face, cuddling it like a blanket. :) Just a few minutes ago she wanted up so i picked her up and she cuddled with me for a moment and softly touched my hair and ear and said 'pretty'. They come in small doses but it's these moments I live for and love! I actually don't think I'd handle it well if she was super clingy to me the way she is with KG at times because I'm someone who needs my space. I'm really liking things the way they are and think she has bonded really well with both of us and I'm super excited to go home and see how things progress! At 8:00 p.m. each night there has been a little light show with music. So tonight we walked down to the river to watch the show. Flower was entertaining several people by dancing to the music. We took a few last pictures as we headed back to the hotel. Flower got one last bubble bath as KG started to pack everything up. We put Flower to bed and KG spent the rest of the night packing as I read.

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