Thursday, February 1, 2007

THURSDAY-DAY 15-February 1st

This morning I woke up at 8:30. Flower was still sleeping so I got in the bath and read, telling KG to get me in an hour. I got out at 9:15 to find them both asleep. Flower woke up shortly after she heard me getting ready. We all got dressed and went to the breakfast buffet. I really have come to like buffets here because we can all find something we like! After breakfast we had to go back to the room to wait by the phone in case our coordinator, Chris, had any questions while he was at the embassy with our information. I stopped to take some photos of the waterfall and fish and by the time I got to the room I found KG and Flower sitting outside in the hallway on the floor. Our room was being cleaned. The way they were sitting was so cute. I joined them for the next 15 minutes. Finally our room was done and we got the phone call shortly after. Chris says, 'You cannot take baby, you are not approved for her.' We were a little surprised and he explains that she is special needs and our home-study only approves us for a healthy baby. Well, when we first started this process, that was the case, but when we found out Flower was available, we switched to the special needs program. We weren't sure how he got the original home-study. We told Chris our home-study talks about Flower specifically so he was on his way to the hotel to look at it. Well, turns out we brought the original one rather then the updated one! Grrr. I hurriedly got online to see if our social worker or agency worker were online. They were not but my cousin Kami was and saved the day! I gave her both Jessica and Diana's numbers and she called them for me and asked them to get online. With their help, we soon realized that the INS must have sent the original home-study to the embassy rather then the updated one. Diana was able to get a woman from her agency to fax us the updated one. When Chris arrived Diana called him and then he and KG went to the business center in the hotel and picked up the faxed copy. He said he would be back in two and a half hours to pick us up for our embassy appointment and all should be well. Without that, we would have just been delayed in getting Flower's visa but thankfully Kami was on and Jessica and Diana were available! :) Especially since it was 10:30 p.m. Diana's time and 8:30 p.m. Idaho time! Flower went down for a nap shortly after and I got busy uploading photos and trying to catch up. We haven't gotten online here because it costs $12.50 a day! Ouch. But since we had to get ahold of our agency I will now take advantage and get us caught up. :) I really love the internet and have withdrawals when I can't get us so this made me one happy camper! ;) At 2:30 p.m. we went down to the lobby to meet Chris and all the other families going to the embassy. We all got in a bus, about 16 families, for the half hour bus ride. When we arrived we were all guided to the fifth floor, then sat in chairs and let the kids play. We all had to go to the window, family by family, and just verify our paperwork. We were happy when we were told our updated home-study had the information they needed! We then had a lady stand in front of the entire group and give us instructions and then we all had to stand and take and oath. I got a little choked and was happy to see I wasn't the only one when I turned around to see Michelle Smith full on crying. It was a sweet moment, all there for the same purpose. At that point it was done and then our babies visa's were brought to us. It's all over! She is ours and there's nothing anyone can do about it now! :) As we were standing outside waiting for the bus to arrive i was taking a photo of the building and was reprimanded. Well, the guard stuck his hand in front of the camera to block the photo and said I couldn't do that, but he was too late and I got it anyway! After we got back to the hotel we ordered room service. the prices here are double what they were in Xi'an but we weren't in the mood to go out. We were very happy with our food though! I got fish and chips and KG got gorgonzola and walnut filled ravioli. They were both delicious and it was really nice to have us enjoy our meal for once. We both shared with Flower. We both keep saying things like, "I guess I'll have to get a good steak when I get back to the states" or "I guess I'll have to have a good salad when I get back to the states." We definitely can't wait to eat some good food! KG prefers the Chinese food he had in Beijing the best so far. I had a really good caesar salad several nights in Xi'An but the salads here so far are not good! Anyway, we just played in our room the rest of the night as I uploaded photos. Flower is now sleeping soundly and KG is watching a movie. I also have been able to access all my favorite blogs!! I couldn't access them in Beijing or Xi'An. Finally, after 15 days, I can check up on all the ones I previously stalked! ;) It's has provided me with some good reading the last couple hours as I upload photos. Thanks goodness for fast internet here.

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