Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wednesday-February 28th-BUBBLES!

Wednesday Flower was wide awake at 7:30 when KG got home. She didn't wake me up so I'm not really sure if she was awake all night or what. She just wasn't being herself all day the day before. We're thinking maybe she is needing more physical activity during the day although she did walk a lot with me the day before. Who knows? We did lots of walking around. I took her to the office to meet Ken, the owner, because he hadn't met her yet. I then took her to see a former co-worker of mine, Jamie. When we got there it had started to snow and Flower got all excited, jumping and giggling, saying 'Bubbles'. I realized she thought the snowflakes were bubbles like in nursery at Church. It was cute. We stayed at her office playing for over an hour. By that time Flower was getting tired and fell sleep right about when we hit the parking lot. I thought this would mean a good nap for sure. Alas, it only lasted a half hour! At 6 I went visiting teacher. KG dropped me off and took Flower with him to the church for scouts. My companion dropped me off at the church when we were done. Since it was almost 8 and none of us had eaten, nor were we in the mood to cook, we decided to order Teppanyaki to go. We enjoyed a nice meal together and started the bedtime routine. We were having so much fun with her on the bed however that we played for an hour! At 10 I finally left and Flower and KG fell asleep. KG came out at 10:45 to go to work and Flower slept all night long! ;)

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