Sunday, June 17, 2007


Flower and I have some pretty special men in our lives! I helped her spoil KG today by making him his requested breakfast of crumb cake. I also added cheesy scrambled eggs. He usually does the dishes so I did those for him and did everything in regards to Flower so he wouldn't have to lift a finger. We gave him a puzzle I had made of a neat photo of him throwing her up into the air. She was in perfect form like she was flying. It came in a tin of the same photo. We'll glue the puzzle and hang it once it's put together.

We also gave him this wooden display rack for his karate belts. I really wanted him to have something special to show his belts on because he works really hard at it and really enjoys it.
At church he received a huge chocolate bar plus a homemade banana cream pastry. After church, he went to bed and Flower took a two hour nap with him.
Unfortunately KG had to work that night so he slept the rest of the day. Once Flower woke up I took her to see my other two dads. First we went to my parents and then to KG's grandparents where we gifted my Dad and KG's dad these:

They are scrapbooks with photos of them and Flower doing various activities and the places they've visited. Somehow I failed to scan in the C page for my dad's book. It said C, Camel's Back Park. I really enjoyed making the books. It gave me a chance to remember each event and truly appreciate the time they spend with Flower. Their love for her warms my heart and deepens my love for them. KG and I are extremely lucky to have such great dads!
Happy Father's Day to all!

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