Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Favorite photo Tuesday

This is how I found Flower when I came out of the bathroom this morning.

Could she make herself any more comfortable while using the commode?

I have to say, it did make my day by starting it out with laughter.
It was a fantastic day with the potty too! Twice, yes two times, she stopped what she was doing, pulled her panties down and sat herself on her toilet to pee without saying a word to me about until she was done. Progress! :)
I had a nice little lunch date with her as well. I needed to visit a fabric shop so we decided to take a walk around the newly remodeled strip mall as well. First I took her into Lee's chocolates and let her pick out her own piece of chocolate! She was overjoyed and the little lady working there couldn't get enough of her! Then we went to lunch at The Cookie Lady. I used to buy cookies from a lady that would deliver these cookies when I worked at Madison's but had never eaten there for lunch. We shared a Chicken Caesar salad that was very good. While we were eating she asked to go potty! I decided to be brave, since the morning had gone so well, and let her stay in her panties even though I wasn't sure how long we'd be gone. She was a champ so we then took two snickerdoodles to go so we could share them with KG.
I have some days that I deliberately wait until I put her down for her nap until I run errands. It just seems so much easier. How quickly I forget how fun it is to have my little sidekick next me adding laughter along the way. She was so pleasant to have along today! I'm in awe of my ability to fall more deeply in love with her with each passing day.

Here is a photo KG snapped tonight right before she went to bed. He bought her this shirt on an outing they went on the other day. It was the only size they had so it will be a night shirt for now. Since so many people saw her on Myspace before they met her in person, he thought it was perfect. I concur!

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sara :) said...

As long as she's comfortable, right? :) I am so jealous that things are progressing with potty training. We're stuck in an eternal rut and the poops just get smellier and smellier!

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