Tuesday, June 5, 2007

kids are too smart for their own good!

wow. flower has had a lovely couple of days, which means so have i! she had several melt downs yesterday for not getting her way or getting frustrated with herself or whatever the reason and started slapping her own face or clawing whoever is nearby. she clawed two kids at nursery and bit another because they were doing something she didn't like. last night we put her to bed and she's had a rash so when she started screaming at the top of her lungs like we've never heard before, we were alarmed. She was saying peepee. She had done really well yesterday as far as the potty goes, being the first day she has ever told us she has to pee before it happened, not after. So not knowing whether she was crying because she had an infection or was freaked because she had to pee, we got her out right away, put her on the potty, calmed her down and put her back to bed. within a half hour it started again. we went through the same routine. the third time we decided to try putting her on our bed and give her some medicine in case she was getting sick because this was so unlike her. she fell right to sleep. she stayed asleep until 4 and was awake till 6, in a good mood and just playing with my hair and tickling my back as i tried to sleep. i finally asked her if she wanted to go to her bed when she was trying to get off the bed because i really needed sleep! she said yes. i put her to bed. she was fine until right when i laid in bed and then the screaming fits started (that i could hear across 700 square feet and through two closed doors). i went and fed her and gave her a drink thinking that might help, then went back to bed. within a half hour it started again so I brought her into my bed again. she fell right to sleep and slept till 11:00 am this morning! I had to be up at 8:30 am! Thanks a lot! So now, here we are at nap time. Oh it's fun! She knows the system now which means I have to win or she will play us every time! she seemed just fine when i laid her down and gave her prep time and everything. then the second i walk away that scream curdled my blood. the reason i know she's just fine and just too smart is, she started right in with the peepee! then she took the cup of water she had and slammed it against the door. just now she grabbed the ironing board that is hanging on the door and is shaking it. before that she was grabbing at the door knob. she just hit her cup against it again and then through the cup on the floor and is saying 'uh-oh' as loud as possible. as if i'm going to go in just to give her back her weapon! now she has started with the 'get you' which she has been saying ever since we got back from camping because she thinks everything is a bug! we gave her attention and reassurance when she said this so she started saying it every time she wanted attention, so now we have to ignore it. it's what she's doing now that kills me though. she is screaming 'ma' at the top of her lungs. i can't wait till she decides to grab the pretty good size picture above her crib and pull it on herself. i suppose we should remove that. i wonder how much longer this will last. it's 3:49 and i laid her down at 3:19. is this what having a 2 year old is like for everyone else cause it sucks! well, i'll give it till 4:19 cause i don't care if she's tired or not or if she sleeps, everyone should have alone time and lord knows i need it! here is a video of one of her meltdowns last night......

.....it's taking forever to upload the videos. it's 4:11 and she's still going strong. you'd think all the crying would make her fall asleep! i am going to go check on her. ....

...it's 5:01 and I just left the devil's room! imagine my shock when i opened the door to HIT her. she had gotten out of her crib which she has never done before. she pulled the iron off my craft shelf! thank goodness she didn't turn it on! she also pulled her diaper off, the first time for that too, and pee'd all over the floor and the cheerios she had thrown everywhere! thank goodness for super nanny! i did her bedtime routine and it worked and kept me calm! i put a new diaper on her and then put her back in bed. each time she'd get out i'd put her back in with no eye contact and no communication, that way i wouldn't take it personal and get worked up and neither would she. i finally had to put a huge blanket on top and tuck it under all four legs so she couldn't get out. i then sat on the floor in the room, out of site, to make sure she didn't get hurt as she was still attempting to get out and falling each time. she screamed bloody murder as she tried to get and threw her blankets, pillow and two stuffed animals out. Eventually she realized this was going to be her fate until she took a nap and finally laid down, only to get pissed because she didn't have a pillow or blankets. I knew if i gave them to her however, that the fit would start all over again since she'd know i was in the room. i finally left when she didn't make a noise for about 10 minutes. i thought she was asleep but when i opened the door she stirred so i left the door open and ran to the sofa and now i'm held hostage here in silence until she wakes up or i know i'll pay for it! i also think she took her diaper off gain but i'm not about to check! which means i'll likely have another nice mess to clean up! besides all that, kg had things to do after he got off work this morning, like a haircut and color, and getting flower's social security number so he didn't get to bed until 3:30. He has to get up at 7:00 for karate so i'm sure this screaming really helped him out! it's his night off tonight which i've been looking forward to but i'm afraid we're not going to be a great pair, both of us being sleep deprived! what a long 2 hours! hope your day was better!


sara :) said...

Isn't it fun?!? :) I could honestly handle the fits and screaming and all that if there wasn't pee involved. Love waking up to find Madeline's diaper at one end of the house and her at the other. It's good, though that you're being consistent with your routine-that's something I need to work on as well! Hugs :)

Kim Brown said...

Hi Angie,
My name is Kim Brown and I've been in love with your daughter, Flower, since I first started keeping up with Chinese Starfish. Actually, a friend of mine was taking her older daughters to China, visited Chinese Starfish, fell in love with Nina and brought her picture back to me. I wanted to adopt Nina (her name then of course), but my husband was hesitant to adopt a SN child. We already have a 3 1/2 year old daughter adopted from China. I have mourned my "loss" of Nina since we decided not to adopt her. I just went back to revisit your update you sent Amanda and noticed the blogspot. I can't believe I missed it before!!! At any rate, I can't tell you how happy and thrilled I am that Flower now has such a wonderful and loving family. And I can't tell you how at peace I am now that I can watch her grow from afar! We continue on our now 1 1/2 year wait for a second child since referrals have slowed down so much in China. Kyra, my daughter, constantly asks when her baby sister is coming from China. I showed her Flower's meltdown video telling her that her new little sister would cry like that and what would she do. She said, "I don't know." Join the club of puzzled moms Kyra!!
Kyra had a touch of the "terrible twos", but her worst period was between 3 and 3 1/2.
Anyway, I'm rambling... I'm just so overwhelmed with joy that I can watch Flower grow. I hope this isn't freaky for you - hearing from someone who loves your daughter so much even though she's never met her. I'm sure many people who kept up with Nina is in love with her though! She's just so adorable.
I wish her and her new loving family the very best.

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