Monday, June 11, 2007

If it's not one thing...'s another! I have some really great tenants here. Some moved in when I did and have stayed because they love it! Most people can only handle so much though. Even my most patient and understanding tenants are starting to voice their disappointment. You may remember that a few weeks ago our elevator was down for three weeks. It's running now. It's hot outside so now of course the AC units decided to stop working. I have to say that so far this year has been far better then last for the heating and cooling but when it's 98* outside, they don't care that is worked last year, they need it to work this year. Then when the maintenance comes back to fix it without giving any notice and then tenant comes home to find her toilet had been used, the seat and the lid still up, with urine dripping, the bedroom door open, when they should have had no reason to go in there, and no note as to who was there and she had to figure it out a couple of days later when she realized the AC was now working....NOT GOOD! Then the city had to do some repairs to a water line and of course our building was affected. We had no whatever whatsoever from 4 pm Sunday to 6 am Monday. Then, when they turned the water back on, there was too much pressure for this stellar system and a hose ruptured and sprayed all over the water heater for a couple of hours, which fried one of the electronic controller boards. A new board is being overnighted which means we have no hot water until at least tomorrow afternoon. The water also flooded the basement which means my room has more water. YAY! We stayed out too late last night, therefore I didn't fall asleep till after 7 am this morning only to be awakened a couple hours later by Flower. Can hardly wait for all the phone calls from tenants wondering why the hell we don't have hot water after everything else that's gone wrong in the last month! I am so excited for the rest of this day! :)

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