Monday, June 25, 2007

Perfect Monday!

KG had Sunday night off, therefore he was up earlier on Monday. We hung out during the day while Flower took her nap.

I got to go get an hour massage in the late afternoon which is always a treat!
For Family Home Evening we decided to start the new trend of Letter Boxing. I have been reading about it for a couple of months and we finally made the time to do it! I picked up KG and Flower after my massage. They had dinner in hand from PitaPit.

We started simple since we had Flower and just went to local park. We ate first and then started on our hunt.

We had a really great time being together in the park and are really excited about adding this fun pasttime into coming FHE's.

It will be really fun to get more challenging as Flower gets older.
We got three stamps on our first night of it!

We stopped for ice cream on our way home and ended the evening perfecting by getting Flower to bed right on time! My sister then made surprise visit to try on one of my skirts and make a request for a skirt for my niece. It was fun chatting and spending time with her. :)
What a perfect beginning to the week!

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sara :) said...

Was that you who was telling me about letterboxing? That sounds like fun. Such great pictures, too! :)

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