Saturday, October 24, 2009

Carving at Jean and Jack's!

Saturday afternoon we went to Jean and Jack's for the annual pumpkin carving and chili feed. We were so happy to be invited back for our third year. It felt really good when 'Jean and company' started cheering upon our arrival as we got out of the car. It's nice to know we're not overstaying our welcome as the 'none neighbors' of a neighborhood event. ;) I really enjoy all of their company.
This event is really what starts the season off for me and gets me so excited for Halloween! We have so been looking forward to it, even cutting our Utah trip short to be there.
Great food, great company, and a showcase of some most excellent pumpkin carving skillz! Enjoy.

River wandered about and did her own thing, as usual, and every photo of her makes me laugh. She was all over the place!


My very favorite pumpkin!
Flower's ideas...KG's carving skillz.
I totally dig it.
This is my Second Favorite Pumpkin.
Flower drew it and carved it and I LOVE it!
She's very proud. :)
My Third Favorite Pumpkin.
Carved by Jerry.

We ate salad...
and the best cake...
and other sweets...
and chili...and it was good.

This is not nearly as vivid as it was in person but I loved the green gourd with the bright orange guts!

Good times.

Let's kick it.

can you dig it?

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