Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dear October.

Dear October,
Other than the cold, I'm fairly happy to see you.
-The arrival of you means all the holidays I so enjoy are right around the corner!
-I get to start wearing my favorite item of clothing...hoodies!
-New seasons of all my favorite shows are well underway! Yeehaw!
-Kas spent the night. She and Flower had a ball. Then the next day she went to the gym with us and then to work with me. Then they took Flower to PlanetKid which she loved!
-I've been baking alot.
-The weather is making me want my meat loaf. I'll be making it this week.
-Church Conference was last weekend. There's nothing like enjoying church while laying in bed with the whole family, the girls eventually falling asleep snuggled into us.
-It's chili and soup season! I have always loved soup and chili. As soon as the temperature dips I'm ready for my mom's amazing Autumn Stew. Giant bowls for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Unfortunately for me, KG doesn't agree. Soup for him is the precursor to the main course. However, last year we went to a chili feed and Tex's chili won him over. So much so that HE makes it now! It's really the best chili I've ever had! And last night was the first batch!
Here are the beginnings of what goes in the pot!
Pretty is it not?
-It's time to prepare for Halloween! We've been going through our stuff and trying things on.

Spencer took this one...he's 10. I adore it.

This brought some serious laughs!
I'm not going to give up our costumes for this year just yet. You'll have to tune in to the Halloween edition of the blog.
-River seems more cuddly with the cold days which means cuddly naps.
-Preschool is in full swing which means 'take homes'. I think the things she creates and brings home with pride are my favorite part of school!
This is our house.
She's drawn herself in the lower left corner with three pretty flowers.
And this is adorable. They made paper cookies that you feed the girl!
Some of the things we've enjoyed so far this month:
-We've really been kicking butt in the gym. I'm really proud of us.
-Friday night we celebrated Chinese Moon Festival. We invited Kristen and Cameron to join us at the restaurant and then they came over to our place. That, of course, meant lots of laughs. I can't even explain it. She makes me laugh like no one can. Everything is funny when we're together. I cherish her for that. And I especially needed it that night in light of some health news I'd received earlier that day.
-Saturday I spent a lovely day with Sherie and Kris quilting. They are very uplifting and helped me sort through some recent drama. Denny was also there and waited on us hand and foot. He provided us with dark chocolate snickers, water, pizza and excellent conversation.
-Saturday after quilting I followed Kris home to check out some paint and concur that the yellow just isn't right. Here's hoping the new colors fit the bill. Then Kris, Jer and I met KG and the girls at Donnie Mac's Trailer Park Cuisine for dinner. I think they are my favorite dining companions.
-Monday we met with the Hot tub/student ward dinner group to celebrate Lindy and Cindy's birthdays. Unfortunately Lindy had to bow out due to work. We missed her. Cindy just had a second child. It was our first meeting. We were standing outside waiting for her pull up. This van pulls onto the street and into the parking lot. Alan makes a comment about how funny it would if Cindy decided to get a new 15 passenger van to accommodate her two children. The van parked on the side of the building away from where we usually park so we continued to wait. And then who steps out of the van? Cindy! The first words out of her mouth were, "why the hell are you all standing outside?!" She was attempting to hide from us because she's embarrassed about said vehicle that her husband insisted on buying. We laughed until our stomachs hurts.
Something I didn't enjoy:
-Friday I had my 3 month check up appointment with my endocrinologist. Nothing has changed which mean still no answers. AND a new diagnosis, not related, that we weren't expecting. One in which 3 months ago wasn't even on the radar. I'm not ready to talk about it yet and pretty sad about it. The new meds are no party either, unless you consider a lot of time in the bathroom a party. TMI? Deal with it. :) Thankfully that side affect should only last a few weeks.
So, October, that about does it so far. I'm looking forward to so many fun things ahead this month. Please, if you could be so kind, and don't get too much colder because many of these events are outside and I'll enjoy them much more if I'm warm.
Thanks so much.


La belle mère said...

Oh, I'm with you ... even more so since I actually like the cold. October ROCKS!

Colleen said...

i hope you feel better soon. let me know if you need anything. i'm a good listener. next time i come home we should totally get together. i love those halloween glasses. so awesome. take care

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Sorry to hear about more health issues . . . . so frustrating :(. I'm with ya on the October sentiments though! I too love hoodies and soup.

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