Tuesday, October 20, 2009

River is 11 months!

...She's a wild one! She is so full of energy and spunk.
...She loves to jump and can already get both feet off the floor.
...She loves to dance and she's got rhythm. If music is playing her booty is shaking!
...She has been a bit fussy the past two weeks. We didn't know why until a couple of nights ago when KG discovered she had pushed through two top molars, one on each side. No wonder she's drooling in these photos. That makes 10 teeth in that little mouth.
...She's very curious and picks things up every where she goes. We've had to baby proof. Not sure it's working. While in Washington at Megan's house we saw them using some 'seat belt' type locks that we liked. Right after we put them up she busted one! She pulled it right off the cupboard. Then the next day she pulled one hard enough to snap the plastic. I still can't believe her strength. Yikes.
...She has quite the little temper. She is working on perfecting the art of the tantrum. She has already thrown herself to the ground a couple of times and does a pathetic cry while rolling all over the floor like her life is over. Geez. It seems to soon for that.
...She likes to back herself up to pillows, our feet, her diaper bag, or anything on the floor and sit down like it's a chair.
...Now that she's so mobile she has battle wounds to prove it. My office is the worst because it's too big a space to baby proof. On any given day she has cuts and bruises, smashed fingers and stubbed toes. But that doesn't slow her down one bit.
...She yells a short, 'AH' to get what she wants. She also has little conversations with us like that. She says 'ah' and we say it back and she'll go back and forth for several minutes. She will open her mouth wider or say it louder or softer. Each time it's different. Lots of times she opens it in such a way that it pops or snaps her jaw back shut and she thinks that is pretty funny.
...She is constantly on the move as you can see from some of the blurry photos. She's mastered walking and now likes to see how fast she can run.
...She loathes getting her diaper changed and makes it very difficult for us. Same with putting clothes on. It's not that she minds being dressed, it's just the process since she's required to sit still for two seconds. The way she screams you'd think we were torturing her.
...She eats anything she can get her hands on and loves it all! She will eat any fruit or veggie we put in front of her including peppers, onions and tomatoes. She loves lemons. So far both our girls will eat anything which we love!
...As of today she can climb onto the sofa. The sofa table behind it was our last spot out of her reach. Anything we didn't want her to get to we'd throw back there. Not any more! Ugh.
...She loves to play chase. We tell her we are going to get her and she runs so fast and turns around to make sure you're still coming. Then we tackle her. Then she'll turn around and chase you and when you hunker down she'll tackle you.
...She loves baths and playing with the running water.
...She now will not leave her crib without her blanket and carries it around. If it somehow gets left in there, you can find her trying to pull it through the bars. She is also starting that trend with her binky. :( Don't love that.
...She says mamma and dadda, uh-oh, ah, and screams.
...She loves to take things from mom and give them to dad or vise versa. We will say, 'take this to daddy' and she takes delight in doing just that. Then she'll come back for something else.
...If you tell her to go get something, like binky, blanket or shoe, she knows what you're talking about and goes to retrieve it.
...She also knows the meaning of the words out, like if we go to her crib and say 'out' she reaches her arms up for us. She will head toward her high chair if we say 'food'. She knows food comes from the kitchen and she will follow us in there. If we leave without giving her something she does the scream.
...She will point and things she wants too. Especially if we are holding her, she points in the direction she want us to go.
...Although I'm not for sure on her stats, she is wearing size 18-24 month clothing and wears a size 6 shoe.
She is beautiful and perfect in every way!


The Goodsell Shrub said...

I can't believe how fast she is growing up!! You find the neatest back drops for your pictures. I love it!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

She sure is a doll. What a big girl - she wears 1 size smaller than Carolyn! It's so awesome how well this first almost 1 year of her life has been. My Mom always says you can never have too many baby pictures, and I totally agree!

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