Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An Eternal Weekend.

Saturday was a very a special day for us. We went to the temple to have River sealed to us. In the grand scheme of things, the state approval doesn't mean much to me, rather this special time in the temple means everything. If we live righteously, and keep the commandments, we will be an eternal family. It's so powerful.
It's hard for me to put in to words how I felt that day. It was amazing. The beauty I saw in my babies sweet faces as they were brought to us was like no beauty I have seen in them before. They looked like angels in their pretty white dresses and they were both so calm. It was very apparent that the spirit was with them. I was struck with emotion. They are so perfect. So lovely. So pure. I hardly feel worthy to be their mom and I don't know how to begin to show my gratitude to my Heaven Father for sending them to me.
*a huge thanks to Sherie for taking so many great photos for us that day!!!
As you can see by the photos, it was an absolutely perfect fall day!

A hug from my sweet friend Sheri Thueson. She has always been so supportive of me. I met her when I was six. There is only a handful of gals that mean as much to me as she does. Sheri, Kristen, Linda, Joanie and Kris...life wouldn't be the same without them! They have absolutely played a role in where I am today. I look to each of them as woman to emulate and learn from. They are all to be admired. Each of the relationships have come in different seasons of my life and each have different meaning and different roles. Sheri=life saver, Kristen=best friend, Linda=compassionate guide, Joanie=northend mom and Kris=soul sister. Lucky me!

We are so grateful for the amount of people we have in our lives that love us and love our little girls. This is only a portion of those that came to support us on such a special day. We love each one of them so much.

My parents.
KG's parents.
Our girls are so lucky because their grandparents love them so much and are great examples to them.

And how lucky are we??? Amanda came all the way from China to share this special event with us. We have been blessed to see her twice in one year! She is one special lady and we have loved every minute of our time with her.

After the temple we invited everyone to join us at Cracker Barrel for brunch. We were so happy with how that went! They exceeded our expectations with their ability to seat us all, around 45, in the same section and they were very to quick to get us all taken care of. We were very happy when we left.

Sunday was also a special day. During our church meeting River received a special blessing from her dad. He said some very sweet things and I'm grateful for his worthiness to hold the priesthood. It was a lovely blessing. Unfortunately River struggled halfway through but how can you blame her with so many heavy hands on her head. :) Again, we are grateful for all those that came to support us and that took part.
After sacrament meeting Kris was kind enough to hold a brunch at her home for our family and out of town friends. She made the most delicious egg dish and the cutest pumpkin shaped chocolate cake, I made blueberry lemon muffins, my mom and KG's mom brought fresh fruit and my sister brought juice. It was really wonderful and the perfect ending to a truly magical weekend.

I am really thankful that everything went so well. I felt the spirit so strong the entire weekend and was enveloped with love.

I want to give a huge thank-you to 4 very special ladies in our lives that made this weekend so much more meaningful.

We took the girls out today to get some photos of just the two of them in their beautiful dresses. Kris and Julie Sturgill made their dresses. They were a bit of a renessance style and I'm thrilled with how they turned out. It really meant a lot to me that they were willing to take their time and make something unique for them to wear.

You may have noticed in the temple photos that we are wearing white necklaces. Brenda Thueson made necklaces for me and the girls and a tie tack for KG, all in matching white blown glass. They were so pretty. It was fun that we all had something matching and they are going to look gorgeous in a frame as a reminder of this day.

Unfortunately you probably couldn't see the adorable matching white bracelets my sister Amanda made for me and the girls. They are so sweet.
These little details made the day. We are so lucky to benefit from all of their talent. Thanks ladies. We love you all very much.

My heart is so full.


Jen said...

Congratulations! What a special day. Your girls look so beautiful in their white dresses.

A-me said...


Amanda said...

Great pictures Angee. What a special weekend. The girls look beautiful in their dresses. So happy for you guys.

The Goodsell Shrub said...

That is awesome!!! Congratulations!

Steph said...

So special and what a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Wow what beautiful sentiments Angie. The girls absolutely look like angels in their dresses - daughters of a Heavenly King. That's so cool that you all had the blown glass! Awesome idea to frame the pieces; you will always treasure that.

Kaylynn said...

You had me bawling before I even saw the first picture. You have a way with words. What a wonderful experience and your girls are beautiful!

Camille said...

Congratulations! :) You have such a beautiful family.

La belle mère said...

Happy happy happy :)

Gorge Us Family said...

Congratulations. I know how special an experience it is and how it can help to feel in your heart that this is final and permanent. No one can take your babies away, (even when legally that happened before). Congrats again.

lane family said...

Oh angee! Congratulations I LOVE all the pictures! I'm glad it was so special for you! Awww... goose bumps...

Heather BT said...

Haven't been around much in the past few months, glad to be catching up.

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