Saturday, October 31, 2009

We had a bug-ish Halloween :)

Our festivities started Thursday evening. We went to the church to decorate for the ward party the following evening.
This photo brought big laughs!The tables at the church were all being decorated by different people.
They all looked great and was a fun idea.
Here are some of my favorites, which looked better in person than these photos.

KG decorated his hallway and rooms but needed to come back Friday morning because three hours just wasn't enough time! Oy.

Flower got to wear her costume to preschool on Friday morning! Wow I love this photo! Well done KG...since I was home snuggled in bed. He's so nice to me.
She's so puuurty!
Friday night we went to our ward Halloween party.
The girls participated in a children costume parade.
Flower's little friend Tiana as Little Mermaid!
I took some photos throughout the night of my favorite costumes.
Cutest little bee ever!
(Sorry Megan :) Ok fine B and River tie for cutest little bees!)
Some sort of something or other on the stage. ;)
I somehow failed to take photos of the best part of the night...the Thriller dance performed by several members of the ward. Wow. So funny! Loved it!
KG decorated his hallway and two rooms. By far the best of the evening. He's good at what he does! I can't believe I forgot to get photos of the rooms!

We all dressed as bugs this year. Flower wanted to be a pretty little butterfly so we decided to oblige. KG was the prettiest little Lady bug I've ever seen! ;) River and I were bees. I was supposed to be a spider but 30 minutes before we were set to leave, I had some costume malfunctions which caused a 'slight' emotional breakdown and that lead me to leave the house without the costume that KG had worked hard on. :( We decided to skip out on my sister's work thing and go buy me a costume. Found the only bug costume in the shop...crisis averted! Whew.
KG once again won best male costume. :)

Saturday we started the night by going to Kris' neighborhood, which we've made a tradition since adding children to our mix. I've adopted this neighborhood since we don't have one.
Posing for the beginnings of their Trick-or-Treating!
Kris joined us for this portion of our evening.
One house down many more to go! River had it all figured out and was reaching right in the candy bowls for her share. She kept wanting to go in each house too. :)
After about 45 minutes we were ready to hit Harrison Boulevard. I have wanted to Trick-or-Treat here for years and nothing was getting in the way this year!

We went several blocks until we came to the yard that was playing the Thriller movie on a big screen throughout the night.
Can you see Micheal eating his popcorn on the screen?

Every time the zombies came out to dance in the movie, a national dance team danced on a stage in front of the screen. Very cool. The boy by the screen is one of the dancers.
It was hard to see with such a crowd. We couldn't get any closer than the island in the middle of the road. Lynnette ended up going later and was able to get up close so I stole this photo from her so you could see how amazing their make-up and costumes were done.
After the movie and dance show we then walked on the other side of the road the several blocks back to our car, trick-or-treating along the way.
Flower was completely mesmerized by these fire jugglers. She would have stood there all night if we didn't have other things to do. Very, very cool!

We loved all the decorations we came across.

At 8:00 we went out to Meridian to my parents house. It has been our tradition for years to end at their house. They always have doughnuts, mom's sugar cookies, Ritz with squirt cheese, chili cheese dip and corn chips , and Apple Cider. Yum! We also go trick-or-treating around their neighborhood with all the cousins. The big cousins ran ahead this year leaving KG and I to enjoy River and Lorelai with Ryan and Amanda. And when we got back we found out the two little ones lasted longer than the big kids! Yay! My aunt Carolyn and Grandma have joined us for the last couple of years as well. We like that.
Lorelai with Great Grandma.
Lorelai's biggest ROAR!
That's my dad in back. :) He loves to try and scare the kids.
All the cousins, plus two friends(the two cute kids in glasses) at the party.
As you can see, River was done by this time. :)
Finally we finished out the night by going to KG's parents. More candy and fun for the girls! We left there at 11:00. The girls had a long day and were out for the count before their heads hit the pillows.

Flower and I couldn't wait to get home from church and dump all the candy from the girls bag on the floor and check out the loot. Prior to that we hadn't eaten any candy yet! That's just wrong! Between both the girls there was about 10 pounds of candy! Awesome.
We each got a small black Halloween bowl and picked out our favorites that no one else could touch. I was surprised at what Flower's favorites were this year. She took out all the plain Hershery bars and the tootsies rolls! Perfect for me because those are among my least favorite. I took the Reese's Sticks, Skittles and Crunch Bars. KG got the Whoppers, Junior Mints, and Peanut M&M's. The rest went into a big bowl as a free for all. And all Snickers went into the freezer. :)
Her personal stash.
I think this was my favorite Halloween so far. We kept it simple by just doing what our little family wanted to do. It was very low key and no stress! We got to do everything we wanted and the girls were total troopers. And the weather was perfect. Not too cold, no rain, just nice and pleasant the whole night. Can hardly wait till next year. We already have our costumes planned! :)


Shannon said...

Wow, you guys really Halloweened it up! Cute pictures, awesome costumes, and I like your idea for dividing up the candy. It's fun to hear what everyone's favorites are. But then again, I always love candy talk!

A-me said...

love seeing other adults dressed up! :)

your girls are gorgeous, as always...

love all the activities on Harrison blvd... apparently the place to be!

Michelle Colt said...

You guys look great! You always do such cute things with you are you costumes on Halloween!! Love it!

Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Wow awesome post Ang! LOVED all the pics. Holy pie I am SO going trick-or-treating on Harrison Blvd. if we ever do end up getting to move to Boise. One of my HS friends took her little girl down there and it looks so cool!

lisa said...

the girl and all of you were so cute sorry i missed you when you brought them to my lisa

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