Saturday, April 27, 2013

Flower gets baptized

flower has been telling us for a while that she didn't want to get baptized. she knew it was completely her decision and there was no pressure from us.  but we did try to help her sort out her feelings with her choice.  she kept telling us that she believed the church was true but just didn't want to get baptized.  finally, we figured out that the reason she didn't want to is because she didn't want everyone watching her.  every baptism she went to had lots of people that she didn't know(but they obviously knew the person getting baptized) but she just assumed that when she got baptized, tons of people would come.  she just thought everyone in the world went to everyone's baptisms whether they knew them or not. ;)  no wonder she was nervous.  so we started small.  we told her that the only people that really had to be there was KG to baptize her and two witnesses of her choosing.  we let that settle for about a month before seeing if she wanted anyone else.  we knew there was no way she'd be doing the stake baptism.  slowly she decided that river and I could come. :)  then she decided her grandparents should be there.  then right around her birthday I told her that she could write her own program and have complete control if she decided she wanted to invite a few more people.  that's all she needed.  she was slowly opening up to possibly having a few more people when she new she was in control.  so i gave her a piece of paper and told her to just write down what she would like to happen.  she said, 'first i should have a prayer'.  so i told her to write that down and then asked her who she'd like to say that prayer.  she said uncle roger.  well i suppose that means he's invited! ;)  slowly she decided she wanted talks and songs and who would be doing those things and then when she had it written i asked if there was anyone else she'd like to attend.  she added a few more people.  i let her sit on that list for a couple of days just to make sure she was certain.  then she personally called each person and asked them if they'd participate.  she put great thought into her program and i was surprised at the diversity of those she wanted.  she also put a lot of thought into who she wanted there.  each and every person that participated and attended should feel very special because this was not easy for her and she put a lot of care and thought into every aspect!  i'm so proud of her for the time and thought she put into her choice to be baptized.
the dress she is wearing is very special!  my grandma made that dress for my oldest female cousin and each of my female cousins have warn it, including me and my sister and now even a few of my cousins daughters have worn it, and my niece.  it's so simple and beautiful!

cutest sisters ever!  river was so proud of flower(and kept begging to take her place)! And when flower was scared and struggling with her choice river so sweetly offered to do it for her. :)

April 27th
Program written by Flower.  :)

pianist:  Kristen Blackburn(friend/aunt)
chorister:  Sandee Johnson(aunt)
conducting:  Bishop Jerry Sturgill
prayer:  Roger Madison(uncle)
song: When I am Baptized
talk on baptism:  Kris Sturgill(friend)
baptism: performed by dad, KG
talk on Holy Ghost:  Judy Garner(friend)
song: I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus
confirmation: performed by dad, KG (in the circle: grandpa doug, grandpa ken, uncle ryan, uncle roger, great grandpa hunter, bishop jerry sturgill, president dunkley)
remarks by bishop jerry sturgill
prayer: Amanda Whitehead(friend)

attended by:
KG, Angee, Flower and River Jensen
Roger, Lauren, Royal and Zach Madison
Sandee Johnson
Ryan, Amanda, Lorelai and Lovina  Madison
Grandpa Doug and Grandma Opal Madison
Grandpa Ken and Grandma Laura Jensen
Great Grandpa Gordan and Great Grandma Carol Hunter
Great Grandma MaryJo Jensen
Kristen and Cameron Blackburn
William and Dorothy Dunkley
Carla Maybe
Lynnette Horton
Judy Garner
Julie Sturgill
Jerry and Kris Sturgill
Jenna Pye
Amanda Whitehead
Nikki and Cannon Wilson
Sister Missionaries
(Amanda was also there.  She wrapped her arms around my shoulders as I was helping Flower into the font. She was watching over us that day.) 

This is the most amazing baptism I have ever attended.  It was so personal and Jerry, Kris and Judy shared such neat stories about Flower.  Flower is one loved little girl. 
I completely regret not getting photos of everyone!  So unlike me!  Thank you to everyone came and those that participated.

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