Sunday, April 7, 2013

Madison Family Photos

The last time we did family photos was this time 4 years ago.  River was the same age as the baby Lovina in these photos, just a few months old. :)
My parents with their Grandkids
the whole family 4 years ago
the whole family now(i haven't cut my hair, other than occasional trims, since river was born. :))
my younger brother, Ryan, and his family, Amanda, Lorelai and Lovina.
My old brother, Roger, and his family(from left to right) Lauren, Victoira, Alyse, Zach and Royal
My older sister, Sandee, and her kids Spencer and Kassidee.
My Family 4 years ago
my family now
check out the difference between 4 year old flower above, and 4 year old river below.  flower looks like such a baby at 4 and river looks so mature at 4!
Just the grandkids
My dad and mom.
Me with my siblings.
my mom's sister, aunt peggy, was in town to take the family photo!

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What is your parents mission? Thanks for sharing these pictures.

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