Thursday, April 25, 2013

live for 175:cycle to break the cycle of child abuse

it shouldn't hurt to be a child
i have admired keke luv's efforts to break the cycle of child abuse year after year as he's set records to bring awareness.  i was very excited this year that my whole family could participate, not by just showing up at keke's location, but actually participate in the cycling!  lynnette had gone on several days!  we met her there one day.  it was so fun to see tristan with the girls and watch them standing up against child abuse!  it was a good opportunity for us to explain what child abuse is and what they should do if they ever have a friend in that position.  i loved being there with everyone and feeling that energy.
garette, tex, lynnette and tristan
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kg and me

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here is something from keke and the history of live for 175

A Letter From Keke

I can’t believe April is almost here!  Doesn’t it seem like the year has already just flown by??  I was typing something up for a friend of mine regarding The Live For 175 history on 103.3 KISS FM and it never registered in my mind until I saw all the events we’ve put on in the past five years - Let’s add it up!

2008 – 7 Days No Sleep.

2009 – 7 Marathons in 7 Days.

2010 – 8 Days No Sleep & Launch of the first Spirit of Boise Child Abuse Prevention Hot Air Balloon.

2011 – 7 Days No Food.  A fast for Child Abuse Prevention high above the city at the billboard on the corner of Capital and Front st.

2012 - Out in the Treasure Valley communities, broadcasting LIVE to raise awareness for child abuse prevention for seven days at seven different locations.

I try to live my own life with passion and share a phrase that helps me each day, “Everything happens for a reason.” 

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