Friday, April 26, 2013

flower's friend party

on friday, april 26th, flower had her friend birthday party. this party was a good indication of her personality.  she said she wanted to go skating but i didn't want to drive a bunch of kids, or make a bunch of parents drive their kids all the way to nampa.  so we tried to entice her another direction.  we told her her we'd rent an entire movie theater and she could invite 30 kids, OR she could take 3 friends(because that's all that will fit in our van) skating.  she still chose skating.  she likes things small and private. :) 
she invited lily, valerie and keristen.  and of course river was apart of it as well.  the girls all came home from school with us and played until i got off work at 6.
then we went skating.  we had a blast.  the girls would fight over who got to hold my hand and skate around the rink. i took photos before putting my skates on, as not to tumble and break my camera! so i don't have that many photos but we were here for 3 hours!

the very last song was couples only.  which means you have to hold hands with someone to be on the rink.  my heart beamed when flower chose river, over all her friends, to skate with.  i hope their loyalty always remains with one another.

when we got home we had cupcakes.  being gluten free, i took delight in making sure everyone had the perfect cupcake.  keirsten is gluten free and dairy free so i got hers at jake's.  flower wanted to get hers at sugar rush and they also gluten free there for valorie and i so we were all set!

while i was picking the girls up from school kg decorated the house!  he did such a good job!

we opened gifts after the cupcakes.
i painted this skate for flower at ceramica since she chose skating for her party.  she loved it!

keirsten gave her lemonheads, a book and a movie.

valerie gave her some fun stained glass paper and markers.

lily gave her a winx club coloring book and doll.

then they got their sleeping stuff ready and watched her new movie before falling asleep!

the next day flower told me that was the best party ever!
i love this part of parenting!

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