Thursday, April 18, 2013

Flower's birthday at 2nd grade

flower requested my gluten free brownies for her class treat.  i was happy to oblige and the few kids in her class that are gluten free were thrilled to be able to eat the same thing as everyone else!  they all loved them and i guess the scraps that were left were evidence of that!  this is my own recipe that i developed and it's quite good. :)
ms. schmillen is great.  each kid sits in the hot seat for their birthday song and then at the end she puts her hands on their head and makes guesses on their age(obviously they are all turning 8) and goes around and around before finally saying 8 and the kids get the biggest kick out of it.  she's a good sport.
She had ms. schmillen last year, too,  but next year she moves on and she will miss her. 

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