Wednesday, January 31, 2007

WEDNESDAY-DAY 14-January 31st

This morning was a bit crazy! With all the noise and commotion the night before Flower was wide awake. She finally got in bed with me and I think we were all finally asleep by 5 am, happy with our pillow top additions. We were awakened by a phone call from our coordinator at 8:20 am. Blah! We then heard the phone ringing next door and then he called us again! He told us they weren't answering and that if we happened to see them, to give them a message! Are you serious?! We don't even know them! He then started asking KG questions and he just hung up and went back to sleep. He said he was going to call at noon. We finally woke up about 11:15. We started unpacking our luggage, hanging things and putting them in drawers. As soon as we got done we got a phone call from the lobby saying they had a room with a king sized bed if we wanted it and to come down. We decided we did and just as we were about to leave, there was a ring at our door. It was our coordinator. What happened to calling?! He was ready to fill out the paperwork for Flower's visa. KG had to go with him right then. So I called the lobby and said we'd be a bit later. I then packed everything back up, got dressed, got Flower dressed, and went looking for KG. He still had quite a bit to do so I decided to do the room change on my own. It went rather well and I didn't forget anything! :) Flower was also given an 'Adoption Barbie' by the hotel. It's the cutest thing! It will remain in it's box until she's old enough to take care of it. Flower and I then went back down to KG and waited for him to be finished. We finally went and got something to eat. We were all beyond hungry by 2 p.m.! We went to the hotel Deli. One dish was good the other not so much! After that we met up with our coordinator again, as well as another family from our agency, the Smith's, and went to Flower's medical appointment. This is where they make sure she is healthy. She didn't like being man handled so much but she did well. She blew kisses to the doctor as we left and he loved that! We walked there so on the walk back we stopped at a market to get some milk. We also bought Flower a chinese drum. Once back she took a nap. When she woke up we went shopping. We got more souvenirs for the family and for Flower. We also bought an instrument, the first thing for ourselves! Once it got dark we were ready for dinner. We went to a cute little restaurant and Flower and I shared a really good spaghetti. KG's steak was not so great! When we got back I went to the clinic to get her some more cold medicine. She had a runny nose and we have used up all of the stuff we brought. When I got back KG and Flower were playing so cute. She was in such a good mood and I was able to join in. I then gave her a bubble bath which she loved! The photos are great and there's even a little video! We realized by watching her in the tub at Amanda's that she only likes it if she can stand. This tub is so deep that bubbles just surrounded her, even while she stood. As the bubbles started to disappear she finally trusted the water enough to squat so she could reach them and was eventually sitting when I let more out. She had a great time and so did I! ;) She went right down to bed and was out for the night by 9 p.m.! We also went to bed and it was so nice to share a bed again after 10 days! KG watched Terminator 2 while I read and I was asleep pretty quick.

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