Monday, March 12, 2007

Good-Bye old friend!

You have meant so much to me for the past seven years. You have provided comfort through all sorts of situations. When I was sick, you enveloped me. When I was crafting, you comforted my tushie. You're table was of great use! Usually piled high with the clutter of my choice. Most of my meals eaten with KG were enjoyed there. You were celebrated on and cried on. You survived through spilt food, dripping candle wax, jumping feet of little children and many bottoms that have come in and out of our home. You were a wedding gift from my parents. You are a huge piece of memory from a family business. I have loved every moment I've had with you. Sadly, the time has some to say good-bye. It won't be forever because we know you'll be a great piece for our basement one day. We just need something fresh and new for our current space. My tastes have evolved. We have made so many changes in the last couple of years and this needs to be one of them. I will mourn your loss but you won't be far. I'll still get a glimpse of your comfort each week when I do my laundry. Perhaps I'll have a seat every now and then for old times sake. Until then, it's good-bye old friend. Thanks for the memories and years of comfort!

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