Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Evening at the Park

Monday we had the opportunity to spend time with family and friends at the squishy park. KG and I had errands to run in Meridian. We decided, since we don't see our grandparents nearly enough, that since we were out that way we'd include Grandma Madison in family home evening. We swung by Little Ceaser's and picked up pizza, then picked up my Grandma. What was going to be a small gathering turned into a party.
My sister decided to join us with her two kids because the kids were going to be spending the night at my parents for Spring Break. She figured she'd have my parents meet her there, saving her form going all the way to their house, that way her and Gregg could go to an earlier movie. So then my parents showed up with Root Beer and cookies in hand! We were then greeted by the Goodsell clan and the party was complete!
KG flew kites with the kids and there was lots of playing on the playground! Flower would do the slide for hours and hours if we let her! We had a great time spent in the company of those we love.

Let's kick it.

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