Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy day....

....with friends and family!

Friday started early with breakfast with Uncle Stephen and Grandma Hunter. KG's uncle was in town, only for a day, from California so a quick breakfast was the perfect way to see him, give him hugs and introduce him to Flower. We enjoyed breakfast at Delsa's.

After an afternoon nap for Flower, while I worked, we went to my friend Sara's house.

We've been wanting to get the kids together to play and I wanted to get some scrapping ideas.
I got some great ideas but it ended up being more about the play which was great. Flower had a great time with Liam, Sydney, Madeline and Quinn.

I enjoyed an afternoon of chatting with a friend as well!
Good times!

We got home at 6, just in time to wake KG and meet the Klein's out front. We walked with them to Brick Oven Bistro for dinner.

They then took Ashton with them to the Hockey game and we brought Ellektra home to play with Flower. It took bit for Elle to warm up but she eveuntually did.

They had enough fun to be so tired they were both asleep by 10:00 pm! We enjoyed talking some more with Scot and Val when they came to get Elle. KG even got a game of Candyland in with Ashton!


sara :) said...

Wow! You got some great shots. I'll be borrowing a few of these! Sounds like you had a super busy day. :)

ang said...

i sent my update a bit ago. i had a link in there for rockyou with tons more photos from that day. it was so fun and then kids made it easy to take lots of photos! :)

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