Monday, March 26, 2007

Our new sofa.

After so many requests, I finally have photos of our new sofa. We are really happy with it! I have already told KG that for the next holiday, I'd like a gift card to a store that has great throw pillows! I can hardly wait! I am so excited about the potential for this sofa. Every time I'm ready for our living room to have a new look or new colors, I just have to change the throw pillows and add a great little blanket to match! My niece Lauren spent the night last night and said it was super comfortable to sleep on as well.The above photo is how we've had it set up since we got it.

The next photo shows another option for arrangement. Since all five pieces are separate, it provides a lot of options. This one makes a great bed, which is how my niece slept. I can also lie on the shorter one, with KG on the longer one, with all the pillows removed, making plenty of room for a cozy movie spot. Another example would be to put the two corner pieces together as a love seat with the two armless pieces together, opposite the 'love seat' as an armless love seat with the ottoman in the middle as a table. That would provide for a great conversation area. Yet another option, as seen in the next photo, and my current favorite for long use, is to remove the back pillows and slide all the way to the leather.
I am able to sit cross-legged since the cushions are so deep and put my back straight up against the back, providing great back support! We can also purchase any one of the pieces separate in the future if we so desire. If a future room provides, we can even make it just one long '4 cushion' sofa with an ottoman. The possibilities are endless! Smiles all around! :)

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sara :) said...

love it-that looks way comfy! :)

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