Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy 54th Anniversary!

On Sunday evening we celebrated KG's grandparents 54th wedding anniversary. That is just amazing these days. They are such a great example to me, KG and our entire family. We gathered at their home for dessert.
Aunt Lynnette drove in from Colorado as a surprise.
Boy was grandma surprised!
Lynnette meeting River for the first time.

These kids love to rough house. this time they were dog piling Austin.

Flower was having fun making flowers out of these toys.

This is pretty normal for Flower. When there is rough housing, she stands on the side lines and watches, completely confused about why it's fun!

Carol and Gordon with all their kids.
Laura, Lynnette, Steven and Brenda.

The great grandchildren in attendance.

Their kids, some of their grandkids and some of their great grandkids that were able to come.

We had a good time and are so proud of them and their example to us.

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LAURA said...

Thanks Angee. You did a great job at the pictures.

Let's kick it.

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