Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cooking up a storm

Last week, with KG having the week off, I took time to cook, and cook, and cook! We are trying to save money so I went to the store, spent about $175 on the ingredients to make enough food for the month plus some. I planned to make everything and freeze it, thereby saving a ton of time, mess and giving us no excuse to eat out. :) I was successful and there is enough food for all 4 of us to eat 35+ meals(that's a total of 140 meals!)!!! All for $175. Awesome!
Here's what is on our menu for the next month or more.
(just for fun I'll put the name of the person from which I got the recipe)
...Zesty Veggie Soup...enough to feed each of us 6 times.
...Chicken Broccoli Casserole(bekah dunkley)...enough to feed us each 2 times.
...Cream of Potato Cheddar Cheese Soup(callie madison)...enough to feed us each 2 times.
...Broccoli Cheese Soup(stephanie johnson)...enough to feed us each 4 times.
...meat loaf...enough to feed us each 4 times.
...chicken enchiladas(kg)...enough to feed us each 4 times.
...chicken mushroom crepes(just filling and topping-I'll have to make the crepes)enough to feed each of us 1 time.
...Shepherds Pie(mom)...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...6 chicken breasts in marinade(marissa hewett)...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...Ground hamburger to add to two meals like spaghetti...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...Steak Stir-Fry(stacey oldroyd)...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...Chicken Scallopine...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...Lemon Parmesan Pasta...enough to feed each of us 2 times.
...Chili...enough to feed each of us 8 times...kindly given to us by Lynnette and Tex!
We already had enough milk for the month and that above money also bought cheese, potatoes to use, bread to freeze, spaghetti noodles, etc(all the basics), that it's our goal not to have to buy any groceries this month and darn near close to all of December. Maybe that will help us get a few things paid down and have a bit for Christmas. Here's hopin'!


Megan Davenport Cannon said...

Wow good job guys, that's awesome! I'll be interested to know how it all went!

Emi said...

zesty veggie soup recipe?

Steph said...

LOVE this idea!!!! And glad to see the soup made the cut...best.soup.EVER.

lane family said...

Okay so when I started reading this I knew I was going to ask about the potato soup recipe... then I wanted the broccoli cheddar (?) soup recipe... then the enchilada's... then I decided you just need to do a recipe post. :) (in all your "spare time" of course) ;)

Audie said...

I did that last month and loved it!!! I didn't have as much food though. It's so great to get the cooking out of the way.

Camille said...

YUM. IF your freezer is missing don't look to me for answers....

Colleen said...

good job. will you share the recipes with me? always want new delicous recipes.

5boystokiss said...

I agree, in all your free time, could you just list your shopping list and recipes...:) I would love to not have to cook for a month!

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