Friday, January 7, 2011

5th annual game all-nighter

january 7th was our 5th annual game night. it just wasn't the same without our co-creators, john and lisa. they moved to mississippi last year. we can't wait till they're back and may even do a semi-annual event this year just for them. :) we missed them and we also missed some of our other regulars and hope they can make it next year. but i was so excited to have some regulars return. thanks for coming again rhonda and eric, jenn and cliff, mary catherine and patrick, sara, sandee, and amanda. i was even more excited to have some newcomers this year! yay to richie and natalie, jen and dustin, and stacey and roper for joining us for the first time! you guys were all so much fun and i'm so hoping you'll come again.
the night started off slow with 5 of us(sandee, jenn, cliff, kg and me). people came and went throughout the night and it ended at 6:00 am saturday morning with 5 people(kg, stacey, roper, jenn and cliff) going to breakfast at the chef's hut. i ended up bailing at 5:30. i had kept trying to fall asleep from 4:00-5:30 thinking if i slept for an hour or two i'd be ok since i had to work at noon, but i just wasn't tired. when 5:30 came i just wasn't hungry and figured there was no point in going to watch everyone eat when i knew i'd fall asleep the second my head hit my pillow. and it did. i was asleep by 5:45. :) the whole night was so fun and we laughed so much!

jen won for the best tag line of the night, "grab it like it's your own!" that'll never get old.

here are photos of all the games we played throughout the night.
(don't like this game because it's more embarrassing than fun for me)
uno tippo
it's the first time i've played this and i loved it
doodle dice and catch phrase
the first was a new game for us this year and we love it. catch phrase is great for big crowds and always a pleaser.
hungry hungry hippos
can't go wrong with this fun game!
what's yours like?
pure comedy!
bubble brain
another good one for laughs but we were getting tired.
this might have been my favorite new game of the night. it's the only type of 'performance' game i'll play! really fun and great for big crowds.
kg and i are losing our touch but we still placed second.
me trying to sleep at 5:00 am. no luck.
cliff, after using the facilities. :)
thanks everyone for coming!
(thanks sandee for letting the girls spend the night at your place and having your kids and jen's kids watch them. i really appreciate it!)

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