Monday, January 17, 2011

bounce. kohl's. soupersalad

monday the 17th, flower didn't have school. monday's are always my day off and kg happened to have it off too. par-tay! i was so excited. we cancelled piano and karate and spent the whole day having fun. first we slept in, did laundry, watched movies, ordered our bountiful basket and relaxed till 12:30 pm. then we made lunch for the road and headed for bounce so we could play. when we arrived there was a wait which turned out fine because the girls had fallen asleep. we let them sleep in the van for 30 minutes before waking them to eat lunch in the van. we threw every kind of bean we had in the kitchen into a bowl, added some corn, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice and vinegar, grabbed a spoon and dug in. it was really good and i'm proud of us for sticking to this healthy eating thing, even when we are out and having fun. as soon as we got done eating, bounce called my phone to let us know it was our turn and we went right inside.
we had such a blast playing together. it was kg's first time there and we all played till we were dragging! the funnest was definitely racing each other through the adrenaline rush bounce house. the four of us went down the slide together the first time and we went so fast it burned the palm of my hand. :( but still fun anyway. the girls and i went down lots together.

seeing them just hang there totally cracks me up!

kg had fun too.

and i even gave it a shot.
after playing for 2 hours we went to check out kohl's. i had a gift card and we had never been. we found some cute things to redecorate the girls walls and i got myself a pretty little necklace. we then walked across the parking lot to eat dinner at soupersalad. a plant based diets dream! we had two vegan soups, that were delicious, yummy huge salads and a ton of fresh fruit!
it was really delicious.
we had such a fun day. i wish everyday could be this way.

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Robin said...

Sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing all your great food ideas.

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