Monday, January 31, 2011

january wrap-up

1.1-sandee and i snuck off to see burlesque. we loved it! her kids came over to watch my kids. all of them were asleep when we got home. a late movie date with the sister was the perfect way to start the new year.
1.2-the girls and i enjoyed several movies: strawberry shortcake, the original karate kid, strawberry shortcake: the sky's the limit, and princess and the frog. they ate some special popcorn i had saved from christmas and it was a lovely sunday!
1.4-this girl and her many faces. she cracks me up.

then she went and got her baby because she needed in on the action :)

1.7-river standing on our christmas bins.
the girls spent the night at sandee's house for our game night. thanks to her kids for watching my kids!
1.8-laura picked the girls up from sandee's house to watch them for me while i worked. thanks laura!
1.9-we went to roger's house to celebrate torta and alyse's birthdays.
1.11-happy birthday torta! happy birthday jen!
1.12-happy birthday kristen! 3 years ago we got the call that we could travel to get flower! :)
1.14-kg and the girls went with me to run errands for work. we had to go to the attorney. then to the post office. i had to go to stancui for them to teach kg how to give me my monthly b12 shots. that was fun. then we went to dr. anderson and finally i went back to work. that night we had a fabulous vegan dinner! this is a favorite and we've make it twice! chickpea artichoke salad.
we also played wii bowling.

it was the first time playing wii as a family and it was fun. i then took river to bed with me and kg and flower played till 11 pm. what a fun night!
1.15-sandee and i went out with jen and kristen to celebrate their birthdays. we met at texas roudhouse and then went to see social network at the cheap theater. it was such a fun night with lots of laughter! the guy in front of kristen at the theater had a gigantic head! yikes. :)
1.16-happy birthday alyse! that evening flower and i watched pollyana together.
river and i shared some love too. cheese.

1.19-river and her cute little tush watching kg make the best dinner ever...vegan tacos. yum.
1.20-kg started working from home. so far so good.
1.22-sandee watched the girls for me while i worked. that night we went out with lindy, cindy and alan at pier 49 pizza. sandee and her kids brought my kids and joined us for dinner. we also met lindy's boyfriend and we all really like him! :) we enjoyed our gluten free, vegan pizza a lot. it's too bad gluten free pizza's have to be so darn small and expensive!
1.23-happy birthday marco! 4 years ago we met flower for the first time! :)
1.27-t and j met with the attorney for the adoption and we are getting things solidified.
1.28-peek-a-boo...saying good-bye to the girls as they head up to kimmie's for the afternoon.
1.31-we met with the attorney to sign what we needed to sign for the adoption. getting excited for this baby boy!
january so such signs of promise for our new year!

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