Saturday, January 29, 2011

kas in basketball and pajama party

saturday the 29th was kas' first basketball game. it was at the perfect time(not to early but got over before i had to be to work!). she is on a great team and they won their game. way to go kassidee!

kas is number 10.

after the game i took the girls to work with me. i let them get in their pj's, i set them up with a movie and had plenty of snacks to last us for my 5 hour work shift. they were done after an hour. :) i still got a lot of work done and it was fun to have them there when i wasn't pulling my hair out. it will definitely only be a once in awhile thing!

i make the silkiest, yummiest hummus! we love it.
river started playing 'jack-in-the-box'

at one point i came out of the office to find them laying, sans pajamas, on the shelves. silly girls.

crazy day but it was nice not having to drive them somewhere and pick them up after work!

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